Want to partner with us?

Being decenral and fair are core elements at dedox. There our affiliate program is open to everyone!

Please note that our rates & payment events can change, especially right now, so have an eye out for this site. If you would like to be put on a special newsletter related to this program email us at info@dedox.io!

Affiliate Marketing

It is really simple to work with us:

Any link to our site can have an optional parameter ref. This parameter needs to be the desired ethereum address which should get rewards for referrals.

Example URLs:

  • https://dedox.io/?ref=0x00...0
  • https://dedox.io/jobs?ref=0x00...0
  • https://dedox.io/news?ref=0x00...0
  • https://dedox.io/?ref=myensdomain.eth

Note: It has to be an Ethereum address as all referrals are paid our through the Ethereum blockchain.

Current Referral Payout Rates

Freelancer Sign-Up0.025 ETHAfter review & confirmation< 3h
Job Posting0.025 ETHAfter review & confirmation< 3h
Job Application0.005 ETHAfter review & confirmation< 3h
Job Application Accepted0.1 ETHAfter review & confirmation< 24h